PITAKA iPhone7 /8 Magcase Aramid Fiber Case - Black/Grey

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10 KWD 15 KWD
  • Compatible with iPhone 8 & iPhone 7. Thickness 0.03in. Min. Weight 0.49oz. So light that you even will not feel the weight increase to your phone. Yet, with unparalleled protection from everyday "real world" drops.
  • Bring you the best wireless charging experience and carrying experience by a transit free design with metal plates inside, compatible with PITAKA magnetic car mount(Magmount Series), makes you can use PITAKA car mount freely without sticking adhasive metal plate on your device. NO interference to your wireless charging, WIFI, GPS, Apple Pay or your signals.
  • Slim and Sensuous With "Body Armor Grade" Protection and ZERO Compromise, made of 100% Aramid Fiber. Now, your phone is protected with the same material used in body armor, spacecraft, jet engines, and Formula 1 Race cars. Yet, it retains the thinness of your iPhone the day you purchased it -- before it was covered up with an thick bulky case.
  • A Soft 3D-Grip touch. Texture you need to feel to believe. It almost clings to your hand without feeling sticky. Extraordinarily scratch resistant and non-slip. A protective three-layer coating and manual polishing is applied to each phone case. Now feel confident carrying your phone in purse or pocket along with keys and coins.
  • A turnkey solution for protection with premium AGC tempered glass screen protector from Japan---Package Includes : 1 * Aramid case for iPhone 8/ iPhone 7; 1 * AGC Tempered glass screen protector.